Autumn Dark


Autumn Dark

When Alan Decker returns to the small town he and his sister grew up in, he realizes that the parts people play haven't changed, only the players. A new preacher arrives in town just as crazy events begin to occur and no one is sure whether or not he is to blame.

Alan tries to steer clear of the happenings, but is forced to get involved when his sister goes missing. He isn't afraid of any occult superstitions where his sister in concerned, but he is afraid she may have fallen off the wagon and returned to old bad habits.

Nothing is quite as it seems, and Alan is about to fall deeper into a world he isn't sure he even believes in.

Yep. This was definitely creepy. Great development and description of characters. I like the writing style of this author. Very detailed when describing the scene and getting me to really see what was happening. I would call this a disturbing horror mystery
— Stargazer
What a great title for this dark story. I thought it portrayed the evil in the would very well. And that the good hold the would together . While read I was at the eadge of my set and keep me turning the pages. Loved it so will you.
— Kristen
This is a well written story, comparable to stories by Steven King or John Saul. Great characters, and a creative storyline, had me captive throughout the book. I have found a new favorite!
— Mickey