In no particular order, 13 tidbits of information:

1. An American Monster is the title of my next book. I'm eighty pages in. It has legs and is beginning to run. Hoping for a full-on sprint soon!

2. Keep your eyes peeled for Autumn Dark and A Looking In View being on sale for 0.99

3. I went to Naperville, IL and saw Stephen and Owen King during their Sleeping Beauties tour. No, I didn't meet them personally and no, I didn't get a signed copy of the book either but it was a much needed getaway for my wife and me and being in the same room with the best who's ever done it was pretty incredible, especially hearing him and son Owen going back and forth on things like growing up in the King household and answering questions from The Stephen King Trivia Book. There was also a live reading. Which, to me, is like witnessing John Lennon or Tom Petty play live.

4. I'll be attending the world premiere of I'm Dreaming of A White Doomsday by writer/director Mike Lombardo at the Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio on Friday, October 20 at 2:00pm. Tickets are only $10. You should consider going.

5. I did an interview with author Armand Rosamilia on his ArmCast Podcast. Look for the links in the coming weeks.

6. I also did an interview with Becky Narron for her website Roadie Notes. Not sure when it will be up but I'll be sure to share it when it's ready.

7.  I saw a great movie called Baby Driver over the weekend. The director, Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Ant Man) did a wonderful job making the music that is used into its own character.

8. I read a really good Werewolf story over the weekend, too, called Blood and Rain by author Glenn Rolfe. Give it a go. 

9. Stephen King's next novel is called The Outsider. The synopsis is damn interesting. He said it's pretty scary. I don't doubt him. I think it's coming out in June 2018.

10. I also watched Gerald's Game on Netflix. Terrifying on many levels. Worth your time.

11. Author Lincoln Cole is doing a huge launch for his next series. The first book is called The Everett Exorcism and is available now for pre-order for 0.99. I'm going to give it a read here soon. Follow me on Twitter or find me on Facebook for details. I'll be sharing more info about it there. @seebach_sean

12. I've gone back to read How To Write Short by Roy Peter Clark. There's a ton of good information in there from balancing sentences to reading for focus. I recommend it. I'm also over halfway done with The Song of Susannah (Book 6 in the Dark Tower Series). One more and then I'm going to read books by authors I've never read before. I'll talk about them here.

13. Dum, dum, dum.....The final number. The eerie thirteen and I've run out of gas. I will say that I'm excited for Stranger Things 2 and the movie 1922, an adaptation of a short story by who else? Stephen King.

Bye, bye.

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