October Sale

Autumn Dark and A Looking In View are on sale for 0.99 on Kindle from now until October 26. If you've been on the fence about reading either of them, now is the chance to check either or both of them out. 

Not much to report this week. I've been writing, reading, and working. Lincoln Cole and I are planning ahead to do some book signings next year and hope to hit a few conventions. Problem is, they are few and far between in Ohio. Horror ones at least. Maybe we'll make it out east for a few, I dunno. 

Started the Insanity workout again. Although I'm not following it to the tee this time around, it's still kicking my ass. I want to lose ten pounds just so I can put it back on during winter.

Keep your eyes peeled for Strange Weather by Joe Hill. It looks incredible. I can't wait to dig into it.

I'm currently reading The Hematophages by Stephen Kozeniewski. Damn is this a good book. I love the narrative told through Paige. She's so entertaining and likable. Think Event Horizon meets something original. That's what this book feels like to me. I'm halfway through it and should gave it finished before next week.

I've held off on buying the final book in the Dark Tower Series. I need a break.

Be good to each other out there.


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