October Came and Went Like...

...a fart in the wind.

That's a line from The Shawshank Redemption. Er, rather, it's something like that, when the warden is referring to the disappearance of Andy Dufresne. It has, though, at least for me. Here in Ohio, the weather was sporadic: warm one day, cold and rainy the next. September nor October ever felt like Fall to me this season. Bummer.

Speaking of weather, Joe Hill's Strange Weather is out now. He's one of the best doing it. His work falls somewhere between horror and fantasy. It's hard to put a label on it, which is probably why I enjoy his stories so much. To be honest, I just like the way I feel after reading a Joe Hill story.

I picked up D.C. House of Horrors Issue No. 1 yesterday. I blasted through it in thirty minutes. It's an onslaught of slaughter and betrayal. I loved it. If you're interested, contact your neighborhood book store to see if they have it in stock. If not, there are some sites that are offering it, but it's always best to support your local comic store (and book store) whenever possible. 

Last night I finished The Hematophages by Steven Kozeniewski. It's a well thought out space horror told from the viewpoint of ink surfer Paige Ambroziak. It kicks ass. You should check it out. I think it's still 0.99 for eBook. 

Currently I'm reading The Warblers by Amber Fallon. I'm almost to the halfway point and it's a riot. I love it's language and pacing so far.

As for me, I'm managing to write 3-4 pages per day in my next book, An American Monster. I entered the second act yesterday. This is where things are going to go off the rails. I only hope I can guide the train the back on course by the time I get to the middle of Act Three. Or should I say, I hope the characters can. I never really feel like I'm in charge at this stage in a story. The characters begin doing what they want and making their own decisions.

I should put more thought in the book reviews I write. Argh. Anyway, Lincoln Cole and I are planning to do a lot of signings in 2018. I hope when we do some of you will come out to see us. 

Keep your eyes peeled for a little Flash Fiction Battle between myself and some great writers. It's been a lot of fun. The voting begins soon. 

I have three months before I go to the Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp. I submitted Never Tear Us Apart, a story that was recently rejected, for the extensive Saturday session. I'm hoping to hone that baby so I can sell it. I also submitted The Last One Out for Friday's shorter session. 

Maybe I'll get a story sold next year. That's one of my goals. I've never sold a story to a publisher before. Perhaps I want to for my ego (that's only a little true) but it is definitely a form of validation because anyone can publish nowadays. 

Time will tell. Do the work and believe. It's all we can do.

Until next time.

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