The Resistance/New Anthology

Steven Pressfield calls it The Resistance. Julia Cameron calls it The Great Censor. I call it both. It's that thing that tells you you aren't good enough. It works in mysterious ways, much like how some people describe the Lord. It's trying to sabotage me from printing my first draft of my next book (not really, but I thought this would be a good way to start this post). Well, it's kind of trying to. I forgot to number the pages on my manuscript after I uploaded it to the UPS website for print. Upon fixing said error, I was unsuccessful twice in uploading it again. Apparently there's a problem with the server now. No worries, IT never succeeds. And you shouldn't allow it to either.

Moving on. The title of my next book is A Looking In View. I ripped the title off of a great Alice in Chains song. It's also my first anthology, a collection of short stories that showcase my range of storytelling—good, bad, and indifferent.

There's lot in there: Sci-Fi, Murder, Mayhem, Action, Thrills, and Suspense sprinkled with a little horror in the vein of Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone. Rod is one of my major influences next to that King guy and I hope this collection reflects that. I also hope you will read it when it's available. 

My super-duper sweet wife met an editor at her place of work. She gave him a copy of Autumn Dark to review, to see if he'd be interested in working with me. God knows it has it's share of warts. I'm stoked about it because if he'll work with me, that means you won't have to suffer through all of my mistakes, giving the same character two different names, using the wrong "through" or whatever else I've been guilty of publishing in the past.

Once I get the second draft done aka put The Great Censoring Resistor in it's place (again, I'm using it the wrong way here but it sounds good), I'll feature a story from it right here.

A Looking In View consists of 13 tales, 8 of which have never been published. Here they are:

1. The Favor

2. One For the Road

3. Brothers, Grim

4. The Deserving

5. One Hell of a Party

6. The Man on the Motorcycle

7. The Encounter

8. A Lonely Boy

9. A View Through a Barbershop Window

10. Willy's Halloween

11. Author Unknown

12. Starting Over, Again

13. Blue Collar Diesel

Don't get too excited. I'm better at naming the titles than I am crafting the stories. 

Be kind to each other out there. And if you hear The Resistance or The Great Censor telling you that you can't, then tell it to fuck off. 

READING: The Fireman by Joe Hill

LISTENING: David Bowie's first record, David Bowie

WATCHING: The OA. Actually, I just finished it. It's incredible. 

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