A Looking In View Update

Greetings readers (although I'm still convinced nobody reads these),

I'm pleased to say that I'm over halfway finished with the final draft of my upcoming anthology A Looking In View.

The great designer, Michelle Arzu, has already completed the cover and she's just waiting on me to submit some book blueprints. I will share the cover once it's ready. It's awesome!

This is when I begin to get really excited about a release. It's like when you've been working on a deck for months, and the only thing left to do is apply the stain. You stare at it, are in awe of all the hard work and time and sacrifice you've put in to the damn thing and you start to feel a little proud of the accomplishment. I like the book. The cover is great. Half of the stories have been sent to my beta reader. Once the other half of the stories are sent, I'll just have to edit and do my best to pull the nails out that didn't quite hammer smoothly into the wood (grammar and punctuation). 

I have a great marketing plan set up for A Looking In View. I hope it does well, reaches a lot more readers. 

This is an exciting time to be an author. And with continuous hard work, an open mind, and positive mental attitude, something great just might happen.

Listening To: Beyond the Black by Shooter Jennings. Listen to his album Black Ribbons f/ Stephen King as radio dj Willow the Wisp. If you dig it, then dive right in to Beyond the Black, a form of album/podcast that gives the entire backstory of what inspired Shooter to make Black Ribbons. 

Watching: Kong: Skull Island, a great film, notably for the close-ups of Samuel L. Jackson's face when he's upset and determined. Thank God for John C. Riley in the movie. He made it more enjoyable to watch.

Reading: The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King. I read the Gunslinger over a year ago and was determined to finish the entire Dark Tower series this year, 2017. I'm only thirty pages in and am already hooked.

Be safe out there. Be kind to strangers.

And don't feed the animals.

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