Progress, I'm trying to make some...

Two weeks out from finalizing final draft of A Looking In View. It goes live in two weeks from today, May 16!

I'll be sharing some excerpts from it on Facebook. Do excerpts actually sell copies of books? Maybe. But probably not. At least it'll show people that I'm not a fraud, though, right?

My good friend, Lincoln Cole, and me will be appearing at the esteemed Wagnalls Memorial Library in Lithopolis, Ohio on Memorial Day from 11am-1pm. We will be selling and signing our books for the great folks of the town and neighboring counties. 

It'll be my first signing and I'm more than thrilled for it to be held at the library in my hometown. It's mystical, magical, a beautiful structure, and it could be said that the library has played a significant role in me becoming a reader, and eventually, a writer. 

Ideas have been peculating in my head for the next book. I will not share them because I'm superstitious, much like Hemingway was. And i need all the luck I can get.

That's it. Be good, take care. 

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