Keep on chooglin'

I've heard that Cemetery Dance Magazine will have open submissions this Autumn. Since learning this, I have started a short story called Never Tear Us Apart. It's just under 3,000 words right now and is in the early stages of creation, aka the first draft.

Here's the thing about Cemetery Dance. They only publish the best of the best. I do not think my craft is up to par to be considered either, but I have to try. The story concept is interesting and modern and it's right for the magazine. However, their acceptance will be based upon execution and strength of writing. I've always trusted my imagination, but, as the saying goes, ideas are a dime dozen, it is the execution of said idea that separates the good from the bad, or the good from the great. Which brings me to... acceptance into Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp (2018 Session). The BPWBC takes place in Maryland at the end of January. Only 20 authors are accepted. Me being one of them. Quite the privilege. I'm excited. While there, I will receive constructive feedback from others and will learn to give the same. Who will be there? 

  • Douglas E. Winter
  • F. Paul Wilson
  • Ginjer Buchanan
  • Tom Monteleone
  • And Special Guest Instructor, Peter Straub

An excerpt from the Borderlands Press Website pertaining to the workshop:

Professional writers learn early on the ability to receive and implement critical feedback is the most important element contributing to the improvement of their craft. When writers learn to EDIT their own work with a critical eye, they discover the ultimate key to their success.

Nothing more needs to be said about that, other than I feel critical analysis is what my work has been missing. 

Attending this workshop by no means guarantees that I'll walk away ready to write something important, but it will help me improve, and that's all I care about.

Jumping back to the aforementioned CD submission. I'll be submitting with zero expectations. But I have to try. Although I'd like to have the knowledge I'll gain from the workshop prior to writing the story, no amount of time writing is time wasted. And you never get in if you don't submit. 

The next book is coming along, scene by scene. The characters aren't well behaved and they've begun doing things on their own which is one of the most exciting things for me as a writer to watch unfold. It probably won't be ready for publication until 2018...after I apply what I learn at the workshop.

That's enough about me.

Twin Peaks

Season 3 of Twin Peaks is picking up like a steam locomotive. The dots to finding Dougie Jones (aka Special Agent Dale Cooper) are beginning to connect for the characters and I feel that the last nine episodes are going to be intense as they get closer to doing so. I also think this season may be David Lynch's greatest artistic achievement, both as a director and storyteller.  

Until next time. Be good to each other.

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