Take The Long (and Short) Way Home

Sometimes you have to write all the way through a story in order to get it all down. Then break out your pick-axe and chip away until the damn thing makes sense. Only me? So be it.

That's what I'm doing now with a short story I'm working on (along with the next book) now. A lot of backstory is coming out near the end. Some of it may stay, most of it will have to go, but more than likely, it'll all be summed up in one sentence somewhere in the beginning.  

And you know what? It's all great fun. 

Brian Keene's The Rising (Author's Preferred Edition) is on sale now until I believe Saturday for only 0.99 and you need to check that shit out. The Rising is a masterpiece and is considered partly responsible for the new wave of zombies, along with 28 Days Later (the film) and The Walking Dead comics. Seriously, it's a buck and it's worth your time. 

I'm not caught up with Twin Peaks yet but my wife and I will soon watch last Sunday's episode in the next few days. Author Mary SanGiovanni posted that questions were answered, while new ones arise. I smiled at that. That son of a bitch Lynch is at it again!

I did read Weeds by Stephen King a few nights ago. Weeds is a glorious short story that was turned into a short film for Creepshow, which stars Stephen King as Jordy Verrill, a wonderful character with many shortcomings (mainly his intelligence). It's gruesome and chilly and made me itch all over. I loved it.

Next on the reading block is The Dark Tower 5 The Wolves of Calla. It's dawned on me that I won't finish the series before the movie releases but I'll probably finish it before I watch it because it's hard as hell for me to get to the movies anymore. 

George Romero passed on. Very sad news. All of the remembrances of him that I've read have been nothing but kind, real, and genuine. He was a titan, an original, and will be deservingly remembered as one. 

He'll find it home, but I have a feeling he'll take the short way, because fast zombies suck. If you know anything about Romero, you'll get the joke here. He would've laughed at least. 

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