A Slow Month for Writing and Other Updates on Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

I've finished a short story called The Last One Out this week for an open call submission in the Fall. I've also completed another one called Never Tear Us Apart. I need to review both one final time before they'll be ready to submit. I hope they're good enough to sell to the magazines I have in mind.

The book I'm working on now (tentatively titled The Fear Mill) has been on hold while I've been working on the two short stories previously mentioned. I have managed to visit it here and there, but my focus will be solely on it once I get the two short stories polished.

Current Promotions

I advertised my two previously self-published books, A Looking In View and Autumn Dark, on The Horror Show with Brian Keene. That's the only advertising I've done for both since June of this year and I'm still selling books and getting a significant amount of page numbers read on Kindle Unlimited. In short, it works.

So if you're a listener of the show, and you write books, it's a good idea to buy advertising space. I also understand well-respected creatives listen to the show as well. You never know what that could lead to...

TV Spot

I did a tv spot back in February for an upcoming anthology show that focuses on true events that have occurred in the backcountry of America. It's now almost September so that tells you how long it takes for these things to get produced. I told the true story behind what inspired my novel Autumn Dark. I may or may not promote the thing.

I hate the sound of my voice and I'm scared to death to watch it. I was scared to death to do it, actually, which is why I did it. Face the fear, you know? I didn't get paid for it so hopefully the producers will do me a solid and mention that the story inspired my book. If not, water under the bridge. I'm still glad I did it and overcame my fear of the camera.

What else?

I'm really looking forward to the writing workshop in January. It's too bad the Autumn submissions are coming before that because I feel what I learn from the workshop would be beneficial for the stories I've just finished, getting them a better chance to be sold. But there'll be always be submissions, more opportunities for me to sell a story. And who knows? Maybe they'll accept the stories anyway.

I've managed to avoid all spoilers for the Twin Peaks Season Finale and I understand it was pretty damn epic. My wife and I are two and a half episodes behind. We'll catch up this week, hopefully. 

The last week of September, the 29th, I'll be going to Naperville, IL for the Sleeping Beauties tour. My wife and I are going, so is book reviewer David Spell. I'll get to meet him for the first time and that'll be really cool. Also, going to a live event to see Stephen and Owen King will be something I've wanted to do for a long time. Fingers crossed that I'll get a signed copy of the book.

If you live in Texas, or have loved ones there, prayers to you and them. I hope you find shelter and kindness and love during the disaster of Hurricane Harvey. 

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